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Termet MAXI

Enamelled Termet Maxi tank with a capacity of 300l has spiral coils with a large heating surface, which guarantees fast heating of domestic water. Thanks to the use of magnesium anode and ceramic enamel fired at 850°, the device is described as very durable.
  • it is dedicated to cooperation with heat pumps and gas boilers.
  • possibility of water heating by means of an optional electric heater
  • insulation made of polyurethane foam
  • aesthetic casing made of skay fabric
Parameters Value
Cold water connection G 3/4 inch
Hot water connection G 3/4 inch
Cylinder capacity 300 dm³
Cylinder surface 4,0 m²
Coil capacity 19,8 dm³
Operating parameters of the tank max. pressure pr = 0,6 MPa; operating temp. tm = 95ºC
Heating medium parameters max. pressure pr = 1,6 MPa; operating temp. tm = 110ºC
Cyllinder weight without water 165 kg
Cyllinder height 1520 mm
Cyllinder diameter 650 mm
Heating water connection G 1 inch
Circulation connection G 1 inch

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the device’s structure which do not have a significant impact on functional and technical characteristics of a product.

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