MiniMax Elegance GCO-DP-13-10 (13/24)

Termet MiniMax Elegance
  • Available version with open combustion chamber with power 7-24kW ( with limit in central heating system to 13 kW)
  • Currently the smallest boiler in Europe in its class - height-700 mm, of width -360 mm, depth -300 mm;
  • Modern design;
  • Modern and easy to use control panel with display which controls all boiler functions: temperature, pressure, current boiler work state, working parameters;
  • Main heat exchanger, installed on fast connections;
  • Electronic ignition with ionisation flame control;
  • Soft ignition function;
  • Modern gas valve with fluent power regulation;
  • Hydraulic group- hydroblock with three-way valve installed on fast connections;
  • Secondary plate heat exchanger;
  • Full domestic hot water comfort connected with keeping water’s temperature on steady level, independent from its flow size;
  • Full auto-diagnostic function with extra prevention from excessive voltage’s increase in a net;
  • Weather regulation function (only with outside sensor connection);
  • Complete system of preventions;
  • Adjustment to every kind of gas.

Parameters Value
Heating output [kW] 7-24
Regulated boiler thermal power [kW] 7-13
Boiler efficiency [%] 89,7
Max water pressure [bar] 3
Max operating temperature [°C] 95
Regulated temperature [°C] 40-85
Domestic hot water system
Thermal power [kW] 7-24
Working water pressure [bar] 0,1-6
Water temperature regulation [°C] 30-60
Water flow by Δt=30 K [dm3 / min] 11,4
Hydraulic parameters
Boiler hydraulic resistance by heating water flow by 10 dm3/min [kPa] 35
Expansion tank capacity [dm3] 6
Installation dimensions
Dimensions[height x width x depth] [mm] 700 x 360 x 300
Weight [kg] 28
Gas connection [inch] G 3/4
Heating water connection [inch] G 3/4
Domestic hot water connection [inch] G 1/2
Chimney connection [mm] Φ130