Basic conditions for obtaining the status of an Authorized Installer of Termet S.A.

  • Work experience in the field of gas systems confirmed by vocational practice in this trade;
  • Current operating license “E” in the operation of gas appliances and power equipment;
  • Running a registered business (presentation of an entry in a register of business activities or a commercial register, and a certificate of assignment of the REGON identification number);
  • Basic knowledge of heating system design, the principles of boiler selection, and the current Construction Law;
  • Completion of a training course organized by the manufacturer on gas heating equipment from Termet S.A.
  • For more information on cooperation in obtaining the status of Authorized Installer of Termet S.A., please contact us at tel./fax no.: +48 74 854 70 50 or at tel. no. +48 74 854 04 46.

Privileges of an Authorized Installer of Termet S.A.

  • Receiving a certificate that guarantees to the customer the appropriate level of service in the selection and installation of gas heating appliances manufactured by Termet S.A.;
  • Inclusion in the nationwide list of Authorized Installers of Termet S.A.;
  • Possibility for Termet S.A. to cover a part of the cost of trade fairs and promotional events;
  • Access to technical information in the form of service manuals, technical guides, spare parts catalogs, etc.;
  • Possibility to purchase the manufacturer’s equipment with a special discount from the entire distribution network of Termet S.A.;
  • Receiving advertising and marketing materials; and
  • Participation in follow-up trainings and seminars organized by Termet S.A.
Authorized Installer’s Identification Card

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