"Quality Policy"

Quality of production and services provided by TERMET S.A. is determined by Client's requirements and legal and market conditions. Company's products meet the requirements of international standards, and their construction does not differ from construction of products of renowned European companies. All products comply with  requirements of the European Union Directives. Quality of TERMET S.A. production is higher or at least equal to the quality of products of competitive companies.

The main objectives of the Company are HIGH QUALITY of production and FULL CLIENT'S SATISFACTION from technical and price level of the offered products, COMPLETION OF REQUIREMENTS OF NEW FOREIGN MARKETS.

This policy is implemented through the fulfilment of the following quality objectives:

1. Quality assurance is the basic task of all TERMET S.A. units from marketing, through production, to sales and service of the Company's products.

2. Quality assurance is a permanent task for the Management of TERMET S.A.

3. Adequate professional qualifications of the entire Company's staff prevent the occurrence of irregularities and ensure the fulfilment of quality requirements in each area of the Company's activity.

4. Quality is consciously implemented by all TERMET S.A. employees..

5. High quality of manufacturing processes in the Company is their recommendation for potential buyers.

6. Seeking opportunities for quality improvement is a constant task for every employee.

Showcase of the Company is its ability to independently provide high quality products and services TERMET S.A.

The Quality Policy was issued by the Management Board of the Company in writing and communicated to the entire staff.

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