1. What is the “Voucher System”?

Service Technicians that electronically records and manages vouchers using a free application that can be downloaded to a smartphone (Android - Play Store, iOS - App Store). If you do not want to download the application, the system is also available from the search engine at the following link: serwis.termet.com.pl/talony/.

To use the electronic voucher settling functionality of the “Voucher System”:        

  • Log in - if you have an account in Termet S.A.’s “Service System,” enter the “Voucher System” using the same login and password. After logging in, complete the data in the profile.


  • Register - if you do not have an account in Termet S.A’s “Service System,” create an account in the “Voucher System.” Upon successful verification, the right to use the voucher settling system will be granted.

2. A new Bonus Voucher with a QR code

     a) What does it look like and where can I find it?

The new design of the bonus voucher is all about simplifying its appearance: the voucher contains the name and serial number of the appliance, the voucher value, a QR code, and an expiration date.
The bonus voucher will be located, as before, in the Warranty Card of the installed appliance.


     b) How can I settle the new vouchers with QR codes?

The new bonus vouchers can only be settled in the “Voucher System” by scanning the QR code or manually entering the appliance data into the system (the voucher number and the serial number of the appliance) and completing the date and place of installation of the appliance in the system. This means that the new vouchers with a QR code no longer need to be sent back to Termet’s office by post.

REMEMBER! A settlement instruction must be issued for the scanned vouchers.

After scanning the QR code, the voucher is placed in the “shopping cart.” In order for the voucher to be settled, it is necessary to choose the form of its exchange for:

  • CASH - after issuing an instruction to exchange selected vouchers “for cash,” you should:
            - issue an invoice in your billing system (with a 30-day payment term and the title “Voucher Campaign Settlement”);
            - register the issued invoice - enter its number and amount in the Voucher System;
            - send the invoice by post or by e-mail to faktury@termet.com.pl, tel. +48 74 85 41 435.



In addition, remember that:

            - The amount on the voucher is a net amount;
            - if you are a natural person, all you need to do is to issue an instruction for the selected vouchers and, on this basis, a transfer will be made to the account number indicated earlier.
              At the end of the year, we will issue a PIT-11 form and send it to your address.
  •  PRIZES - in the system, there is the current catalog of prizes with their values and available sizes. Prizes can be added to the “shopping cart” until the value of the scanned vouchers is reached. The system allows you to select both the quantity and the size of the prize.


3.  Voucher expiration date 

  • New vouchers with QR codes - the expiration date is specified on the voucher (below the QR code). Vouchers are valid for one year from the day they are attached to the manufactured appliance.


    • Old vouchers (without QR codes) - could be settled until 31 December 2020.


Do you have any questions?
Please contact us. We will be happy to answer all your questions about the settlement of vouchers according to the new rules:
Exchanging vouchers for cash:
Katarzyna Dynak
T: 74 85 41 435
Exchanging vouchers for prizes:
Paweł Nowak
T: 74 85 60 627
Please send invoices to the following address:


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