Termet S.A. continues over a hundred years old tradition of the clock factories, for example Gustaw Becker.

Under a new brand, Termet S.A. started its activity in 1945, producing clocks - from wall clocks to rail clocks. In the 1950s, range of offered products began to expand - in addition to clocks, were produced, among others, brakes and bicycle gears, capacitors, TV accessories, heating and lighting equipment. The year 1956 turned out to be a breakthrough, when Termet S.A. started production of bathroom heaters.
As soon as gas was allowed to heat flats, a production line for gas boilers was launched, which dominated the company's production profile.

Apart from gas appliances, Termet S.A. also specialized in production of programming and control elements for washing machines and dishwashers, tourist equipment (cookers and lamps), soldering kits, universal burners, etc. Currently, the company deals primarily with production and distribution of heating devices, providing its customers with modern and ecological heating of the house and drinking water - in accordance with the philosophy “We create heat”.


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