Development of low-emission domestic water heaters that use gaseous fuels - a project financed by the European Funds as part of the Smart Growth Program. 

The main objective of the project is to carry out research and development work in the field of optimization of gas water heaters. The innovations developed as part of the project will make it possible to achieve the objectives of Regulation no. 814/213 that relates to a significant reduction of emissions from gas water heaters.

The main measures of the project include the development of environmentally friendly, low-emission domestic water heaters that use gaseous fuels, including the development of a new water/flue gas heat exchanger design and a new main burner design, which will ensure nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions of less than 56 mg/kWh (the current emission level of commercially available appliances is 100-150 mg/kWh). In addition to the reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, the objective is to reduce material consumption and increase the efficiency of the optimized water heaters.


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