To meet the requirements of even the most demanding customers, following  the latest market trends – “Termet” company introduces solutions which enable management the boiler and the complete heating system via Internet.

Controlling the boiler from any location makes it possible to use:

ROUND CONTROL PACET, which includes ROUND thermostat. Wi-Fi gateway and ON/OFF or OPEN-THERM gateway. Remote control is possible with a mobile application which can be downloaded for free on your phone or tablet. The regulator is easy to install because it does not require wiring, so you can easily change its location. The backlit screen makes it easy to use. Depending on the boiler model - management of a heat source can be either through communication ON/OFF, and the OPEN-THERM protocol.

In order to optimize the entire heating system in a very comfortable way we suggest using:

WIRELESS EVOHOME SYSTEM – enable to control the temperature in individual rooms (up to 12 zones) according to time programs in a weekly cycle. The system allows to create your own heating schedules according to your needs. The packet contains the main unit – Evotouch with pre-installed Wi-Fi – which controls whole system. It is equipped with a big, color, touch screen display and OPEN-THERM or ON/OFF gateway for communication with the boiler. Modern look of the device makes it integrates well in all interiors of the apartment.

Evohome users can save energy without compromising on comfort. Each radiator can be individually controlled via a preset time program, thanks to the central control module and the electronic control head.

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