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ECOCONDENS CRYSTAL PLUS 50 boilers are intended to heat large areas (large single-family houses, multi-family residential buildings, tenement houses). Devices belong to ecological and economical heating units. By using ECOCONDENS CRYSTAL PLUS 50 you may build a heat-only boiler station with power up to 225 kW. All the devices are connected in cascade by one cascade manager.
  • heat exchanger made of stainless steel
  • new generation stainless steel heat exchanger with aluminium burner door, resulting in less heat loss
  • stepless speed regulation fan (controlled electronically)
  • cylinder burner made of stainless steel – low level of NOx emission (5th class)
  • modern and transparent control panel
  • complete system of safety measures
  • works with cascade managers
  • circulation pump with automatic air-vent
  • Open-therm system available.
Parameters Value
Thermal power (at temp. 80/60°C) 5,5-45,0 kW
Thermal power (at temp. 50/30°C) 6,1-49,6 kW
Heat load 5,7-46,2 kW
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ηs 91 %
Efficiency of the boiler at nominal load and average
boiler water temperature of 70°C
97,4 %
Efficiency of the boiler at partial load
and return water temperature of 30°C
107,7 %
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency class A
Useful heat output at rated thermal power P4 (for modulated
boilers - arithmetic mean of min and max)
45,0 kW
Useful heat output at 30% of rated power P1 (for modulated
boilers - 30% of arithmetic mean)
14,6 kW
Efficiency η4 88 %
Efficiency η1 97,5 %
Max water pressure 3 bar
Max CH temperature 95 °C
Standard adjustable temperature 20-80 °C
Pump head at 0 flow 0,7 bar
Range of water temperature regulation 35-65 °C
Sound power level LWA 69 dB
Emission of nitrogen dioxide 50 mg/kWh
Emission class of nitrogen dioxide (NOx) 5
Max. amount of condensate (natural gas) 4,7 l/h
Expansion vessel capacity 8 dm³
Standby mode power consumption PSB 0,005 kW
Electricity consumption at full load elmax 0,10 kW
Electricity consumption at partial load elmax 0,07 kW
Type and supply voltage ~230±10%/50Hz V
Protection degree IPX4D
Heating water and gas connection G3/4 inch
Dimensions 730x400x440 mm
Weight 37,5 kg
Exchanger material stainless steel

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the device’s structure which do not have a significant impact on functional and technical characteristics of a product.

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