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Taking care of our customers, we are constantly developing our products, which is why the new GOLD PLUS II boiler has been introduced to our offer, which is a refreshed version of the ECOCONDENS GOLD PLUS condensing boiler. Necessary improvements have been introduced that have a significant impact on energy savings, efficiency, quality and, above all, comfort of use. In the new version of the boiler, which is characterized by a coil made of stainless steel in the form of a single coil, which affects even more reliable and economical operation of the device. The boiler has an expansion vessel on the side of the device, which allows quick access from the front of the device, which greatly facilitates servicing. GOLD PLUS II is extremely user-friendly not only for the user, but also thanks to its easy and convenient installation for the installer and service technician.
  • energy class: A
  • control via the Internet - ability to manage the temperature in the room using a smartphone or tablet using the Termet Comfort System package
  • use of the latest generation of stainless steel heat exchanger with a single coil coil
  • extremely wide power modulation range: from 17% to 100%
  • highly efficient circulation pump
  • fan with smooth speed control (electronically controlled)
  • low NOx stainless steel cylindrical burner (class 6)
  • hydraulic group in the form of a hydroblock mounted on quick connectors
  • complete security system
  • Open-Therm communication system using the CR11011 controller
  • possibility of working with multi-zone modules for heating systems
  • possibility of cooperation with air/water heat pumps
  • works with domestic hot water cylinder by 3-way valve
Parameters Value
Thermal power (at temp. 80/60°C) 3,3 - 19,1 kW
Thermal power (at temp. 50/30°C) 3,7 - 21,0 kW
Heat load 3,4 - 19,5 kW
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ηs 96,1 %
Efficiency of the boiler at nominal load and average
boiler water temperature of 70°C
98,0 %
Efficiency of the boiler at partial load
and return water temperature of 30°C
108,0 %
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency class A
Useful heat output at rated thermal power P4 (for modulated
boilers - arithmetic mean of min and max)
19,1 kW
Useful heat output at 30% of rated power P1 (for modulated
boilers - 30% of arithmetic mean)
6,3 kW
Efficiency η4 90,4 %
Efficiency η1 100,0 %
Max water pressure 3 bar
Max CH temperature 95 °C
Standard adjustable temperature 40 - 80 °C
Reduced adjustable temperature 25 - 55 °C
Pump head at 0 flow 0,6 bar
Range of water temperature regulation 30 - 60 °C
Sound power level LWA 48 dB
Emission of nitrogen dioxide 33 mg/kWh
Emission class of nitrogen dioxide (NOx) 6
Standby mode power consumption PSB 0,002 kW
Electricity consumption at full load elmax 0,066 kW
Electricity consumption at partial load elmax 0,054 kW
Type and supply voltage ~ 230 ±10%/ 50Hz V
Protection degree IPX4D
Heating water and gas connection G3/4 inch
Dimensions 793 x 400 x 310 mm
Weight 35,8 kg
Exchanger material INOX steel

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the device’s structure which do not have a significant impact on functional and technical characteristics of a product.

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