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MINITERM ELEGANCE gas boilers with open combustion chamber are the perfect solution with provide a heat in central heating and DHW heating. The devices blend well with kitchen decor thanks to modern design. Very compact dimensions let them fit in the smallest niche. Modern and uncomplicated control panel allows the user for easy operation and gives full control on device operation.
  • built-in high efficiency circulation pump
  • very compact dimensions
  • adjustment to different types of gas
  • high protection degree IP-44
  • modern gas valve with stepless power regularion
  • weather regulation function
  • DHW full comfort
  • new generation bi-thermic heat exchanger made of copper
  • modern and transparent control panel equipped with display which reads all boiler functions and error codes
Parameters Value
Thermal power (at temp. 80/60°C) 7,0-24,0 kW
Heat load 7,7-25,7 kW
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency ηs 77 %
Efficiency of the boiler at rated power 93,5 %
Efficiency of the boiler at minimal power 90,5 %
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency class C
Useful heat output at rated thermal power P4 (for modulated
boilers - arithmetic mean of min and max)
24,0 kW
Useful heat output at 30% of rated power P1 (for modulated
boilers - 30% of arithmetic mean)
7,2 kW
Efficiency η4 81,5 %
Efficiency η1 84,2 %
Max water pressure 3 bar
Max CH temperature 95 °C
Standard adjustable temperature 40-85 °C
Reduced adjustable temperature 35-55 °C
Pump head at 0 flow 0,6 bar
Nominal boiler thermal power (at temperature 80/60°C) 7,0-24,0 kW
Nominal heat load 7,9-26,2 kW
Efficiency of the boiler at maximum power 93,5 %
Water pressure 0,1-6 bar
Maximum water flow (flow limiter) 10 dm³/min
Domestic water flow at Δt=30K 11,4 dm³/min
Energy efficiency class of water heating B
Load profile L
Range of water temperature regulation 30-60 °C
Sound power level LWA 57 dB
Emission of nitrogen dioxide 148 mg/kWh
Emission class of nitrogen dioxide (NOx) 3
Expansion vessel capacity 6 dm³
Standby mode power consumption PSB 0,005 kW
Electricity consumption at full load elmax 0,03 kW
Electricity consumption at partial load elmax 0,03 kW
Type and supply voltage ~ 230 ±10%/ 50Hz V
Protection degree IP 44
Heating water and gas connection G3/4 inch
Dimensions 700x360x300 mm
Weight 26 kg
Domestic water connection G1/2 inch
Flue connection (internal diameter) Ø 130 mm

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the device’s structure which do not have a significant impact on functional and technical characteristics of a product.

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