For many years, our company's offer has been included in the SMT (Surface Mount Technology) assembly services, hence the technical and substantive backgrounds developed allow for a comprehensive approach to the implementation of various prototypes, short and large -consuming orders - from design to delivery to the customer.
In the field of surface assembly services, we can offer:
  • one- and double-sided assembly,
  • mixed assembly,
  • lead and unleaded soldering for paste and glue,
  • flack soldering.
We offer assembly on two SMT automatic assembly lines.

The first line consist of:

  • automatic PCB feeder,
  • automatic YCP10 soldering paste printer with the possibility of controlling the correct application of the reputable Yamaha paste,
  • conveyors transporting tiles in the line,
  • automatic YSM20 (from: LEX) of the leading global manufacturer Yamaha with an assembly capacity of 27,000 SMD elements per hour, with a 10-dump mounting head, which performs assembly of elements from 03015 (0.3mmx0,15mm) to 55x100x28mm,
  • 10-zone soldering furnace, leading world manufacturer Ersa Hotflow 3/14,
  • automatic PCB receiver after installation.
The second line consist of:
  • the Assembleon Opal XII machine - is an 8-headed machine with a capacity of 12,000 elements per hour:
    • minimum component size 0.4 x 0.2mm
    • maximum component size 45 x 100mm
    • maximum component height 11mm
    • minimum tile size 50 x 50mm
    • maximum plate size 460 x 440mm
    • tile thickness 0.4 ÷ 4mm
    • types of packaging components tape, tray, sticks
    • component assembly precision of 35 microns
  • soldering furnace, Swiss manufacturer ESSEMTEC RO400FC Reflow Oven:
    • The RO400FC furnace is adapted for soldering in unleaded technology. The device has a three-stage pre-heating zone and the main zone, which are fully programmed, as well as the speed of the tile transporter shifting. Single and double-sided tile transporter (max. 400mm wide).
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