As part of the THT assembly (manual), we offer you:
  • installation of threaded elements,
  • installation of mechanical elements,
  • restraining elements,
  • optical control based on the IPC A-610 standard,
  • final assembly,
  • thermal stabilization.
The timely implementation of orders in high quality is provided by a professional assembly line, which includes:
  • 10 manual assembly stations equipped with soldering stations, EPA soldering bands, magnifiers,
  • solving machine - ERSA ETS 250
Aggregate designed for professional soldering of small and medium tiles in
 traditional, SMD or mixed technology. All versions of the aggregate are adapted to work with NO-Sklean materials. The long pre -heating zone (800mm) provides the correct process with different tiles thick. The microprocessor control ensures the setting of individual operating parameters.
  • visual control stations based on the Mantis Vision system,
  • packaging stands.
At the client's request, the assembled electronic systems are poured with plastic masses.
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